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the truth hurts

but it's not the only thing that does

ga.ku.to | reaching for the .s.t.a.r.s.
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[Gakuto Mukahi | superspy extrodinaire | 3 years experience]
[24 | red hair | short]

appearance; Gakuto has gained a few precious inches with age, but remains as slim and slight looking as ever. His hair is still cut in its signature style and he looks otherwise unchanged. No piercings.

position + how long they have been with the agency?; spy, three years.

history; The middle child of an exceptionally average family, Gakuto Mukahi grew up with the certain knowledge that one day, he was going to shine. That, and an unhealthy obsession with spy and action movies and, though he would never admit it because it was his sisters really-no-seriously, an impressive collection of manga with the words magic kaitou in the title. That was besides the point, even though he probably never would have joined the gymnastics clubs and spent an inordinate amount of time learning to prop himself up in the corners of ceilings with lower body strength alone, nor gained the amount of embarrassing minor injuries.

His gymnastics (though not pseudo-magic-kaitou) skills stood him in good steed when going to talent agency auditions and he was picked up by a small talent agency in his late teens. For a while, Gakuto enjoyed moderate success in bit roles in stage plays and late night TV dramas, but his fame never grew beyond that and by the time he hit twenty, Gakuto was no longer a marketable commodity and was dropped completely. While his experiences there gave him obvious skills in dancing, singing, acting and putting on make-up, it honed one hidden skill - the ability to seek out gossip and to extrapolate juicy stories from scant details from several sources.

After his disappearing from the public eye, Gakuto tried going back to University and with little interest in anything in particular, settled for a generic degree in whatever interested him. Then, approaching 21, he remembered an old dream of his and applied for the Agency, hoping for a life of excitement and thrills such as found in his old manga. So far, it's been nothing at all like the manga described it to be, but his people skills (and pretty face) have stood him in good steed when gathering information, especially from the gossip networks.

if a spy, what is their cover story (cleared with a mod first); Gakuto works as the receptionist in Parliament, keeping careful track of who goes where when and with who. Asides from this, his work station is often the meeting place for secretaries, gofers, et cetera on break and he rather fancies himself as the central nervous system of the gossip networks. His job is to know who's getting up to what, information that his co-workers are more than glad to share, and he dutifully passes any information he gleans along - even when he has absolutely no idea what relevance the fact that the second daughter of this particular diet member is dating someone rumoured to have connections with the yakuza through his third cousin's illegal betting ring. Whatever. (Though, really, the ring that girl was sporting? Tacky, as well as somewhat beyond the guy's price range. Her father's having conniptions over it.)