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the truth hurts
but it's not the only thing that does
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19th-Sep-2006 11:05 pm(no subject)
chibi: what the f? [killabarbie]
If there's a single word of truth in the current rumours about Special K, I'll eat one of his eight inch sequin studded whorishly red platform stilettos myself.

Oh, the sweet taste of the world falling down amoung my ears. ♥

Looks like the grapevine's flourishing with the amount of crap that's being layed down around it. Can't say I'm complaining~

I wonder if I have to report any rumours that I start myself :x Maybe if they change significantly playing Chinese whispers, but origin: unknown would be fine, wouldn't it...?

In other news, I have two shopping trips lined up. One wants me to help with his hair, the other will kill me if I touch his. I hope I don't get them accidentally mixed up. :X <3

[ooc: strikes deleted.
special k = tezuka kunimitsu. don't ask. just accept.]
19th-Jul-2006 01:45 pm(no subject)
chibi: ??? [motive-icons]
Someone has a secret~

Or rather, they don't anymore. ♥

Maybe it should be, I know something you don't know~ unless you read my reports or the tabloids, which are more similar than people would think, and I knew I should've gone into Journalism and become a gossip columnist but n

[ooc: strikes deleted]
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